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Distinct. Clear. Concise. Cohesive.

It’s your brand and we put the focus on you. Budgets are driving the decisions of companies today, but marketing is an effort that simply cannot be neglected. Outsourcing marketing to complement the efforts of your in-house marketing can be a very cost effective move.

It all begins with the creation and refinement of your company’s brand message. Then, we make your company’s message resonate positively on a worldwide scale by creating headlines that are impacting and attention grabbing on a global scale. Bringing cultural sensitivity to your campaigns that project a positive image to world consumers. Bringing new awareness and association to your company that leaves a lasting impact and image in the minds of consumers.

Below is just a sample of the services we offer under the vastly large umbrella of marketing. Allow us the opportunity to create a customized marketing services plan for you today because every company, every product and every service in today’s market is unique.


What We Do


What to Expect

We exercise due-diligence and do a complete review of your current marketing. Based on our findings,we offer you a complete strategy on further enhancing your marketing efforts. This can be a one-time service, or as we hope to see, an on-going relationship where periodic evaluations can help gauge the effectiveness and determine the direction of your marketing strategies.


Does your brand have a clear identity? This word can often seem vague to people, but in a nutshell, it’s what your name, your company and subsequently its products and/or services mean to your consumers. Are your marketing strategies and corporate communications in line with your Brand? We help you determine what your brand is and how to solidify this in the minds of consumers. Everything put forth from your company should accurately reflect your Brand’s message and identity.


When you let the world know what’s going on, you have one chance to say it right. News releases are just that: news. Too often we see news releases that read more like an advertisement and it is rendered ineffective. We will perfect your news releases so that your information is conveyed both accurately and professionally.


When editors and journalists want to write about your company, do you have the proper information to give them? Is this info readily accessible? When you go to trade shows, are you equipped with this information? Often overlooked in a total marketing strategy is your company’s media presence. Reviews and write-ups from publications can greatly enhance the strength of your Brand. We create a full press and media kit that will be updated as needed so that when any media opportunity arises that you are fully prepared.


PR today is deeply intertwined within the overall marketing efforts of any company. With social media exponentially on the rise, news is spread within seconds online. As beneficial as this is, it can also be detrimental. A large part of PR is brand development and management – and this includes crisis management. Is there negative news out there on your company? We work hard to monitor your brand’s identity at all times. Our job is to not only promote your brand through effective news and media releases, but to always keep your brand image within control and to neutralize and respond to any negativity that has surfaced in the media.


From press releases to newsletters, how your company communicates with your consumers is important. How your marketing collateral is designed and how often you reach out to your consumers is key to building a loyalty that affects your bottom line. We make sure that all communications are in line with your branding and marketing strategies as well as help produce and disseminate the marketing materials such as newsletters that properly communicate to your audience.


Which direction is right for your company? Do you really have a grasp on your target market? Do you realize that there is even more potential target markets out there? Market Research is vital to knowing where your company stands in the marketplace and how you should proceed in your strategies. Sometimes we need a more direct approach in gaining feedback from your target market. From surveys to focus groups, we create situations where we can gain the most accurate and unbiased feedback that will give your company an insight that will help shape your marketing efforts.